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Large Size Mould

Our large mould manufacturing service based on the 10000sqm workshop with 25Ton crane lift and high efficiency manufacturing facilities, which enable us to manufacture moulds up to maximum weight 25T. Large mould manufacturing has below necessary conditions:



Automotive Big Size Mould

with Length 2.2M & Weight 24T

Multi-Cav Big Size Mould

with Length 2M & Weight 20T


Workshop for large mould manufacturing service:

Our tooling shop equipped with 3000*2000mm CNC machining center, 3000*1000mm double heads EDM, 160T big die spotting machine, and 2500*1500mm large size CMM equipments, large plastic injection molding machine suitable for large plastic injection mold making.



Big Size Automotive Mould on 3000*2000mm High Speed CNC Center


Big pressing machines for large mould cavities and cores fitting:

Losang has the pressing machine with the tonnage 160T which for mould cavities and cores pressing fitting.



160T Fitting Machine for Big Mould Manufacturing Capability


In-House mould trial or mass production simulation capability:

 in-house 50~1600T injection machines enable us to run mould trial and mass production for big moulds.



In-House 101 sets of 50-1600T Injection Machine

for Mould Trail Capability

Automatic Transferring System

for Molding Parts



Losang has strong experience on large mould manufacturing, with special hot runner systems which are suitable for long plastic parts injection molding, strong design abilities on these kinds of large mould and good machining processing for the large mould components. Contact Us for your big mould projects.







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