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IML Molding

In-Mold Labeling (IML) is a process that replaces the old, labor-intensive process of applying peel & stick labels post molding. Labels can be applied in the molding stage either manually for small runs or at lightning speeds utilizing robotic systems.


Along with the labor savings advantages, IML also provides a label that is integral to the substrate material. In other words, it won’t scratch off! In recent years IML has been sweeping the packaging and enclosure industries due to its anti-scratch characteristics. Liability issues due to removable safety warnings on toys, appliances and consumer packaging have been reduced sharply. IML is a versatile process that can be used on a variety of products.



Product Features


Delicate decorative images, texts and built-in identifications have chemical corrosion resistance.
Images, texts, identifications and colors can change at any time without need to replace the mould.
Products are of three-dimensional shapes with accurate printing accuracy, having a deviation of + 0.05mm.
Available to have window effect with back and high light transmission for images, texts and identifications.
Buttons have even convexes and should be touched well, with a service life of over 1 million times.
Three-dimensional variation can increase freedom of designers in designing products.
Combined molding processing can realize the effect of no seam.








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