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Insert Molding

Insert Molding, a strong suit in our engineering technologies, combines plastics and metals into a single assembly. The process of insert molding reduces assembly and labor costs while increasing part performance. 
Benefits of Insert Molding


Efficiencies are gained with insert molding in several areas. Insert molding reduces cycle time and labor costs by eliminating assembly steps. Accuracy of insert placement and additional flexibility for creating complex designs are also benefits of the insert molding process. By removing the need for fasteners and adhesives, insert molding allows for the production of lighter weight, smaller parts.


Other Uses for Insert Molding


The process of insert molding allows for flexibility, allowing designers to build a better mouse trap. One area that insert molding excels in is the placement of coloring or labeling of components vs. using stickers or a painting process. A film with the desired pattern, color, gauge read-out, etc. is placed into the mold, and the insert molding process ensures its accurate placement. No longer subject to the wear process from touching, cleaning or activating (pressing buttons, etc.), all thanks to insert molding. 
Insert Molding Manufacturer


Losang had rich experience in insert molding technology. We will be glad to share our experience in this field and assist you from product design up to manufacturing feasibility of your products, making sure your products are manufactured according to their intended use. For a quote, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.







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